Copywriting vs Content Writing: Which is More Effective?

Copywriting vs Content Writing: Which is More Effective?

When you need words to express your vision, educate and inform your customers - and sell your product - you need a writer and a strategy that will ensure that you are not just shouting generic phrases out into the digital ether. Words done right are mighty; whether you need a weapon or a magic wand, it always pays to take a professional approach.

As browsers are wading through the online morass searching for what they need, you can avoid one major turn-off with great web copy. This is relevant because when it comes to the text on your website or your online advertising, bounce rate is noted by Google and affects your overall ranking. 

So, what makes a potential customer leave your site or ignore your ad? Did you know content with typos has nine in 10 potential customers bouncing 8% faster? Shira Stieglitz, head of content and research at Website Planet, explains, “typos make a site less visible on Google because it lowers their position in the search engine results pages”. So you don’t just lose that one customer when your copy or content is not polished; you affect your overall online presence.

Harnessed correctly, the messaging you apply across your website and marketing will build loyalty, inform, sell, and drive your business forward.

Understanding content writing vs copywriting is an important step toward speaking to your potential clients in ways that address their needs now and in the future.

So what is the difference between copywriting and content writing? Do you need both? 

Copywriting is about now

When you want your customer to act now, you use copywriting. Copywriters generally produce short, snappy messages that direct the reader towards a precise, immediate action. Good copy will convert browsers into buyers, illicit instant responses, and allow you to pinpoint exactly what impels your customer to pull the trigger on a purchase or share their details with you.

Copywriting should grab attention, persuade, build loyalty, and unfold your brand in your customer's eyes as authentic and trustworthy - and it should be designed to hit your target market.

You would use a copywriter for your website landing page, advertisements, slogans and catchphrases, billboard copy, and on your social media posts.

Content writing is about building relationships

When you want to play the long game, you use content writing. Employing more subtle messaging, this type of writing is informative, entertaining, and educational, and it’s a great way to build trust and credibility. 

Your content writer should create interest, providing insights and value so your customer wants to find out more about you, creating a lingering afterthought that will activate your brand in their mind when they are ready to commit to a purchase.

Content writing is a good way to nurture existing customers and helps create new relationships that will last.

Content writing strategies are employed in articles, newsletters, blog posts, magazine features - and a host of other longer-form pieces.

The difference between copywriting and content writing

The main difference is intent, and while both are intrinsic to effective marketing, they require a very different approach. Copywriting is more persuasive; it utilises the psychology of sales to close the deal and harness impulse. 

Excellent conversion copywriting will show how you alleviate your client's pain points. Your copywriter should understand the motivations and objectives of your customers and speak to these in a persuasive manner.

Content writing is more informative; it’s more about creating a journey that answers every question that your customer has about your offer. Information is presented to the reader that educates, inspires, entertains, or connects, bringing your client gently to the realisation that what you provide is valuable and just what they were looking for all along.

What about SEO?

Good SEO results are created over time and require patience, expert analysis, and great content. While good advertising copywriting can be tracked for conversion easily enough, content writing like blogs and articles work harder for longer, so it pays to invest in both. 

However, it’s not as simple as keyword stuffing your text; it’s actually a pretty magical artform that requires time and energy to master, so if you can find a writer who also understands SEO, you should capture that unicorn and give yourself a pat on the back.

What is more effective?

It depends on what your goals are. If you want more conversions, go with copywriting; if you want more engagement, go with content writing. Both of these styles of writing are essential marketing tools, but to be sure you are not bringing a knife to a gunfight when it comes to content writing vs copywriting, it pays to speak to an expert. Using your marketing budget wisely is key to unlocking better traffic and conversions. 

Assume the best about your customer

Understanding the power of language may be as simple as observing your own reactions to what you see and read, what catches your eye, and what holds your gaze. It’s a good idea to assume that your audience is also looking for good information and treat them to copywriting and content writing that shows them you see their worth and intelligence. 

The value you can get from great copy, whether it is conversion copywriting or explainer content writing, is well worth the time you spend on it, and you will find the results speak for themselves. 

If you need help crafting the text that will help you reach your marketing goals, call Creative Content, we love words and we know how to make them work for you.

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