Marketing strategy

An effective brand strategy comes from a balance of knowing yourself, what you do best, what position to take, and what your customers’ motivations and pain points are.

That means being able to put yourself in their shoes – so you can deliver the right messages at the right stage of the buyer journey. 

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Customer-focused, purpose-driven

Every bit of marketing you produce should move potential customers closer to
becoming a customer, if not all the way to the finish line, or why bother doing it?
At Creative Content, we help small and medium businesses realise their full potential
and capture more market share.

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Brand communication strategy

A brand communication strategy defines the message that will convey the value of your business. It also differentiates your offer from the competition.

Creating a brand story is about building something that people care about and want to buy into. It builds value from engagement and relationships beyond the transaction of commerce.

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Digital marketing strategy

Being discoverable online can make or break your business. With so many businesses in New Zealand competing for a relatively small market, you need the right digital marketing strategy to cut through the clutter and motivate your target customer to action.  

Discover what media platform to focus your spend

Adwords, Facebook, LinkedIn, or organic rankings through SEO? Which is best for your business? We can help businesses understand which digital platforms are best and why.

We also provide an individualised marketing strategy for each platform specific to your business. As part of this service we'll also define your audiences and create a conversion funnel.

Get an actionable marketing plan

We execute every campaign with care, creating content people want to engage with. We’ll provide a clear, actionable plan to keep projects moving, measuring results and making iterative improvements to generate leads at an effective cost.

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Content strategy

A content strategy is where we map all of the conversations, issues and creative ideas we think would motivate or inspire your clients to engage with your brand. This is to create a clear strategy for both digital media content and blog or SEO topics.

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Our strategy clients

Theresa has been invaluable. She has taken the time to research our products and industry to a point where she knows them inside out. This has allowed her to develop a strong content strategy that she has delivered on 120 percent.
Phoebe Finnigan
“The product categories they have written content for
are the only ones we get Google inquiries about!"
James Dodunski
Creative Content was different from the other agencies because they started with an overall strategy before jumping straight to the tactics. This helped us understand the reasoning behind marketing strategies to make better decisions.”
Aaron Martin
New Zealand Immigration Law

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