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We add to your team of creators and innovators.

When Creative Content first opened our doors in 2016, we offered every digital marketing service under the sun – until we decided to focus on what we do best.

Now, we specialise in all things content: content strategy, content creation, and content marketing. That’s all we do – and because it’s what we love doing, we pride ourselves on doing it well. While we don’t do graphic design, web design, or web development, we partner with agencies like you who do.

If your client becomes our client too, we’ll host regular strategy sessions and keep you in the loop. That way, you’ll always know we’re working on, what we’ve executed, and what we’re planning.

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We partner so well with agencies because we understand:

Brand positioning

Sometimes, clients don’t know how to articulate exactly what they do. If needed, we can take a step back and help them identify their “why” – what they do for whom and how they’re different – before we craft any web copy. 

We’ve worked with heaps of Kiwi companies – and some overseas – and understand most business niches. We know the right questions to ask to distil the client’s brand to its essence. 

Digital marketing requirements

We don’t just do web copy. We build strategic sales funnels for Facebook Ads and Instagram, so we know what content and messaging are likely to convert on each platform. We understand the buyer journey, what messages resonate at each stage, and can advise you on the best digital channel for your product or service.

How to create content that converts

We get to the heart of what your clients and their customers want then develop compelling content with persuasive offers and powerful messaging that compels decision-making by their target customer.

Our areas of expertise

Website copywriting 

Over the years, we’ve worked on 100s of websites and know what works – and what doesn’t.

After gaining a thorough understanding of who your client is and what they do, we combine experience and intuition to craft copy that resonates with their brand and their target audience. 

Drawing elusive details from the source – the client and their customers – we gain authentic insights to inform messaging that speaks to what’s noteworthy about their products and services and why their customers love them.

Digital marketing

We’ve worked hard to build a record of success that depends on your success, so we’ll never tell clients to do something that doesn’t benefit them. 

Based on their marketing goals, we’ll make informed recommendations then iteratively test and adjust campaigns until we find the “sweet spot” that drives the most conversions and sales for the lowest cost per lead.

We work primarily in Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and cold email campaigns. We can advise clients on which channels(s) suit their products, services, and business objectives – or if they’d be better off channeling their spend elsewhere. 


We ensure that copy is search engine optimised and fits the design requirements of your brief, coming up with straplines and page and conversion logic to assist your web design team.

We have a proven track record of creating compelling content that consistently drives rankings and engagement for businesses of all sizes.

Our clients come from diverse and niche industries, including manufacturing, finance, technology, consumer goods, professional services, healthcare, government, and environmental. 

Our team

Need help with your client's content, strategy or web copy? Our team have years of experience and we can help join the dots for your projects.

Theresa Brady Creative Content profile
I'd love to assist you in creating exceptional results for your clients.
Theresa Brady
Founder, Creative Content

Some clients and our work

Creative Content was different from the other agencies because they started with an overall strategy before jumping straight to the tactics. This helped us understand the reasoning behind marketing strategies to make better decisions.”
Aaron Martin
New Zealand Immigration Law
Creative Content re-aligned our messaging with the current climate of our industry. The team took the time to really understand our business and showed a true passion for our profession.”
Ed Hayes
Connect Outsourcing

“Creative Content engages with a process to understand what your value proposition is, who your target market is and identifies other players in the field. I really appreciated the ideas that they came up with, their recommendations were fantastic in positioning our business”
Dave Allum
Acronym IT
N2P Control Systems

N2P Control Systems

N2P had used marketing consultants in the past, but the standard needed to be raised. That's why owner Niki Johnstone turned to Creative Content for help.


Watercare had a great story to tell, but it wasn’t getting told. When the conversations with Creative Content started, our Creative Director Theresa Brady could see that Watercare’s public image was an ‘iceberg’ – what was visible above the water was the monthly bill and media stories about the drought and highly paid executives, with all the fascinating and positive stories about their people and projects, hidden beneath the surface.


Logistics & Technology
EROAD commissioned Creative Content to develop informative eBooks and engaging case studies. Read how this quality content led to increased leads and industry awards.


When principal lawyer Aaron Martin decided to start his own law firm after 19 years of consulting he needed a new brand, website, and to increase his profile. He asked Creative Content to help him establish his new business.


A deliberate approach to digital marketing allowed this office fit-out company to win way more business from Google search. Thanks to Creative Content, leads increased 2400% in two years!
Landmark Homes

Landmark Homes

Home Construction
With the help of Creative Content, Landmark Homes made the move to results-based marketing. Read how this model helped generate more leads for a lower cost.

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