Digital marketing

To improve your marketing results, we create compelling content, targeting the right channels to amplify your messages.

Using advanced reporting tools, we track results, analyse the data,
and provide insights and evidence-based recommendations.

We can demonstrate the progression and evolution of our marketing efforts, so you can see that it’s actually working.  

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Insights + iteration =
incredible returns

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Facebook ad funnels

Social paid advertising is our forte. We use proven strategies, targeted localised campaigns, and persuasive copy to generate quality leads and sales for our clients. Our digital sales funnels combine Facebook and Instagram ads with the best of content marketing.

How we do Facebook Ad Funnels

Every business is different. We take the time to get to know yours and understand the motivations of your customers: How long it takes them to make a decision, what they need to make that decision, and how and why they’re choosing you.

Using those valuable insights, we’ll help you craft a compelling offer, engaging sales page, and ad copy targeted to the right audience. Then, to maximise performance, we’ll monitor your campaign and find the 'sweet spot' by making iterative adjustments based on what the results tell us.

How do Facebook funnels work?

A Facebook funnel is a series of ads that includes an offer aimed at getting users to take your desired action. Before setting up a Facebook funnel, we define our strategy by answering questions such as:

●   Who are we targeting?
●   What does our audience look like?
●   What action(s) do we want them to take?
●   What is our irresistible offer?
●   What creative assets do we need to assist conversions?
●   How many times will someone see this ad?

Each funnel will include:
●   Sales page
●   Facebook ads in different formats
●   Conversion copy
●   Creative downloads or giveaways (e.g., eBooks or how-to guides)

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SEO Services

We boost your online discoverability by embedding search engine optimisation into everything we do. We can develop your SEO strategy, optimise existing content, and implement best practices.

The secret to SEO isn’t really a secret at all. It’s simply this: Publish good content. Better yet, publish great content! That’s where we can make a real difference.

How we do SEO

We write gold-star content and optimise your information architecture for discoverability – but always while providing value to your ideal customer. And we don’t just do it once! As your marketing partner, we continually work with you to create fresh content that helps people find you because it helps them solve their own problems (think how-to guides).

What makes our SEO services different? 

We offer sensible SEO strategies that will actually move the dial, and we only take on clients we know we can help. After performing an analysis of where you sit in the market and where the opportunities lie, we can advise you on the most effective ways to be found organically, depending on your business niche and budget.

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Our marketing clients

Every business is different and so are the marketing channels and tactics required to acquire new business.

The marketing expertise of Creative Content has added great value to my business, as I was not previously aware of what marketing could achieve. With their knowledge and experience, it has helped profoundly.”
Aaron Martin
New Zealand Immigration Law
Creative Content is very efficient and I think that it’s because of their understanding of the marketing communications process. Their clarity around those concepts has helped lead us down the right path to get a good marketing message. ”
Dave Allum
Acronym IT
“Creative Content's first big social media campaign for us yielded spectacular results! In a six-week period alone, we got half the leads we’d had in the previous full year.”
Shelley Begg
Landmark Homes

Why work with us?

Creative Content continuously adds value with fresh ideas. We collaborate with you to identify opportunities and iterate from there to get you results you can see and the outcomes you want.

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