Writing Your Own Web Copy? Start Here

Writing Your Own Web Copy? Start Here

Questions to ask yourself if you are writing your own web copy

Congratulations on taking the first step to knowing thyself.

The goal of these questions is to uncover insights that inform brand positioning, both today and in the future. By understanding your target audience and where they are in the decision-making funnel, you can better tailor your offer.

Questions fall into three main categories:

1. About you and your vision

Answers to these questions will be useful for your “About Us” and “Why Choose Us” pages.

• What is your point of difference? How do you compare to or differ from the competition?

• Why are you in the business you’re in? What inspires you to keep going?

• What philosophy do you bring to the service you provide?

2. About your ideal customer

Trying to appeal to everyone is a mistake. Questions in this section should get you thinking about how to target your ideal customer.

• Who are you targeting? List all relevant demographics and be as specific as possible.

• What alternatives might your customers use? Whether it’s a different product or a different provider, consider other options your customers have tried or might try.

• What are their fears or challenges as relates to your service? What do you do to help them overcome their fears? e.g., provide a free information pack or assessment: “Contact us for a no-obligation consultation.”

• What tone is most likely to resonate with your customers? Friendly and personable? Or professional and expert?

3. About how people find you online

• What words and phrases are they likely to use when searching for your products and/or services?

• Who are your competitors? Note which business people have compared you to when deciding on a provider.

• What can your business do that your competitors can’t or don’t?

• Who is not a good fit for your products and services? Do you only serve clients of a certain type or size? Are your products not suitable for certain uses?

• What action do you most want people to take when they visit your site? Be clear on your call to action: Do you want people to call you? Email you for a quote? Or complete a pre-consultation questionnaire?

If you need specific information before you can provide a quote, let people know what to have ready so that you can assist them as quickly as possible.

Bonus Round: Frequently Asked Questions

If you require customers to go through a process or understand more complex instructions, your business needs an FAQ page. (If your aim is to drive SEO, you’re better off placing a few FAQs at the bottom of the page they pertain to.)

Start by asking yourself: What are the top 10 questions your ideal customers ask you most?

From your FAQ list, you can then:

• Create a full list of features and specifications

• Translate each feature into a benefit for your ideal reader

• Consider the problems you help them avoid

• Consider possible objections to buying from you and decide how you can address them

This can then become a summary of your value proposition, which should appear on the homepage. This summary generally consists of a headline, possibly a subheading, and three to five bullet points. Your headline can simply state what you do or mention the key benefits of working with you.

We hope you found this guide useful! If you are stuck writing your web copy don't hesitate to give our team a call, as professional web copywriters and content strategists we can easily craft your story into compelling and converting copy.

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