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Wake Up Down Under

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Thank you for the opportunity to work with you on developing a marketing strategy for your business. I’m excited to get to know more about the business, and discover more about what you do.

This strategy workshop will give us a chance to better understand your business, customers, and marketing opportunities. By doing the deep dive on who you are, and what you do, we can be confident to give you some specific and relevant advice on the tactics and channels we recommend to achieve your objectives.

I look forward to creating a marketing strategy to improve the brand awareness and increase the profile of Wake Up Down Under.

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October 10, 2022
Wake Up Down Under
Prepared for:
Tracey Burgess
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Creative Content
Theresa Brady

Strategy workshop objectives for

Wake Up Down Under

Based on our discussions so far, we have highlight three objectives that we want to achieve through this initial strategic phase of our engagement. Feel free to give feedback on whether these are your specific goals.

Identify Customer Focus

You have explained that you have three different client opportunities, women in business, wealth creation and 10x coaching. We need to pick a client segment and identify what their key messages will be.

Discover opportunities

What are your marketing channels, opportunities and tactics? We need to define what your marketing opportunities will be for your ideal customer profile.

Define marketing objectives

Once we have the client, the message, and the marketing channels resolved we need to set some goals on what you would like to achieve and what it will take to get there.

Strategy workshop

The purpose of a strategy workshop is to be able to define what marketing activities we should be doing and why. It’s so we can be clear on what your objectives are and come up with a marketing plan and budget that will achieve that. It also provides us with a logic that we can agree is the best approach.

How we do it

Working with you, we gather enough information for a brainstorm session, we then test some ideas and go deeper into some analysis and strategy for your business.

Existing marketing review

We will review your existing marketing materials ( such as your website, social media and service offers).

Google analytics and data reivew

We will look at your website functionality as well as your analytics and social data for web traffic and interaction.

Stakeholder interviews

We will conduct an interview with you to understand the services you provide and what you do differently to your competition.

Competitor analysis

We will look at competitor sites to compare messaging and positioning so we get a sense of the offer in the market as your ideal customer would see it.

The key outcomes

The outcome of this marketing strategy will be to pinpoint your brand position, and ensure that your messaging is crystal clear to the right audience and channels so we can create a marketing plan to achieve your objectives.

Key company definitions
We will define what you do, who your customers are (demographics and personas), and what services you provide.
Opportunities discovery
We will identify opportunity for messaging improvements. We will identify the marketing tactics and channels we would suggest focusing on.
Key marketing deliverables
We would document your priorities for sales and marketing goals and create a proposal for work to address these.
Prioritisation session
We would establish what the priority of marketing tasks would be. 
Findings and recommendations report
This would then generate a report summarising the feedback and suggestions for marketing channels, and tactics.
Scope and cadence agreement
We can then establish the scope of the first project. Or set up a monthly cadence of tasks.

The budget

Marketing strategy workshop

Get Started
Key company definitions
Opportunities discovery
Key marketing deliverables
Prioritisation session
Findings and recommendations report
Scope and cadence agreement

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